Cordially invitation for the group exhibition on the occasion
of the festival 1700 years jewish life in germany #JLID2021

Hiersein, Being Here, להיות כאן

Paula Elion I Michal Fuchs I Olaf Kühnemann
Atalya Laufer I Elke Renate Steiner

Heike Steinweg I Birgit Szepanski

5th of September-21th of November 2021 I Opening at 5th of September, 12pm.

Opening on Sunday, 5th of September at 12pm at the Kommunale Galerie Berlin
(The opening will be outside near the gallery)
Greetings: Heike Schmitt-Schmelz I District Councilor & Elke von der Lieth I Kommunale Galerie Berlin
Welcoming Speech: Eva Lezzi I Author
Introduction: Birgit Szepanski I Artist and Curator of the exhibition

Seven contemporary artists use drawing, painting, photography, conceptual art, artists book and comics to present
their individual and critical perspectives on family, places of origin, identities and Jewish and German history
and urban life: Hiersein, Being Here, להיות כאן.

The artists and the curator will be there and looking forward to talk with you.

Kommunale Galerie

Hohenzollerdamm 176
10713 Berlin
(U-Bahn Fehrbelliner Platz)

Opening times
Tues. – Thurs. 10am-5pm
Wed. 10am-7pm
Sat. and Sun. 11am-5pm