On 28./ 29. September I run a Comics Workshop for teenagers and young adults at the Jüdisches Museum Rendsburg (Jewish Museum Rendsburg; Workshop in german language).

First Dr. Christian Walda, head of the museum, will inform us of dreams as important element of the jewish religion. We will draw comics on the dramatic events and strong visions contained in the Tora. And if desired, we will have a look at our own dreams, too. The Workshop takes part in cooperation with the Schleswig-Holsteinischer Heimatbund SHHB (Schleswig Holstein homeland union) and connected with the Interkulturelle Woche (intercultural week) in Rendsburg. Information and Application: im Jüdisches Museum Rendsburg, Prinzessinstraße 7–8 in 24768 Rendsburg, Phone: +49(0)4331 – 25262 and E-Mail:
The Homepage of the Museum you find here.